EU countries will be exempt from WhatsApp update


WhatsApp, which updates the user agreement with a significant change in the privacy policy, will not make new conditions mandatory for EU countries.

WhatsApp new user agreement for EU countries ‘can be rejected’

The user agreement for the popular messaging application WhatsApp was updated on January 4th. With this update, the service will share users’ data with Facebook.

For EU countries, WhatsApp new user agreement will not have to be accepted. The messaging service declared the region with users that will not be affected by the update as the European Region, but only this includes the European Union member countries.

The information that WhatsApp will share with Facebook covers from payment data to messages.

Popular messaging service; collects account information, messages, payment data, location, device and related information. With the new contract, all of this information can be transferred to Facebook.

You can find the details of the new usage conditions of the application from this link.

WhatsApp could not keep its promise to its users

After being purchased by Facebook for $ 19 billion, WhatsApp promised its users with an announcement, “We respect your privacy, we established WhatsApp to have as little information as possible about you. We will continue our partnership with Facebook by continuing to work independently. Our core values ​​and beliefs will not change. ” He made statements in the form.