Ethereum Whales Dive Bottoms: They Are Collecting From These 3 Altcoins!


WhaleStats, which examines Ethereum whales and shares the transactions on its Twitter account, reported that a number of huge wallets made million token purchases during the day. The collected altcoin projects consist of Ethereum, Chainlink, Polygon and Shiba Inu. Also, an anonymous wallet transferred half a million LINK to Binance exchange. Let’s take a look at the whale activities of January 5th and 4th.

Ethereum whales collect $21.7 million worth of LINK

According to WhaleStats, “2.”, “99.” and “35.” ETH whales, which ranked in the second place, purchased 838,229 million LINK tokens worth $21,718,997, making eight major transfers. Six transfers were made by the whale, which ranked 35th. Whale thus brought his LINK savings to $46,096,096 and occupies 11.47% of the wallet. The second largest Ethereum whale also holds $52,870,300 LINK and accounts for 1.33% of its wallet.

500,000 LINK moved to Binance exchange

According to Whale Alert data, another major LINK transaction was made by an unknown crypto owner on the Binance exchange in the past hours. The “Anonymous” crypto whale transferred 550,954 LINK worth $14,452,227.

Altcoin whales continue to buy MATIC tokens

WhaleStats also provided information on two whales who purchased MATIC tokens.

One of them ranks third among the top 1000 ETH whales; Bought 2,000,000 MATICs worth $4,840,000.

The second whale ranks 296th on the WhaleStats scale. Bought 2,005,641 MATICs worth $4,813,538.

Altcoin whales buy $300M worth of SHIB

As we reported as Somanews, FTX Token (FTT) took the first place after losing about $150 million in market capitalization among major addresses on the Shiba Inu Ethereum network. On January 4, Shiba Inu’s assets at whale-level addresses were valued at approximately $1.4 billion. As of January 5, its total value in whale wallets is $1.7 billion. Despite adding $300 million to Shiba’s value in whale wallets, it is not yet reflected in the price of the token and SHIB is trading at $0.00003251, down 1.84% in the last 24 hours.