Ethereum Statement by An Infallible Analyst


The famous crypto money analyst “il Capo of Crypto” has managed to make a name for itself with its price forecasts about March, which is known as the hardest fall of 2020. The analyst, who successfully predicted that the XRP price will fall to $ 0.11 and the Bitcoin price to $ 3,000, now shared his analysis on Ethereum.

Although Ethereum is mostly overshadowed by DeFi projects this year, it has seen a serious rise since March 12. The ETH / USD parity reached the level of $ 80 from $ 450 and ended the record of the year here. Trading at $ 384 as of press hour, ETH is looking for a way out to return to the record of the year.

The well-known crypto money analyst, on the other hand, successfully knew the decline of Ethereum before the decline took place, and again attracted all the eyes. It seems that the analyst has identified the ideal drop points for both BTC and ETH on August 18. In his current analysis published on August 26, the analyst hinted that the ETH price could rise to the level of $ 500 with a rapid rise. Analyst @CryptoCapo_ is not alone in this prediction, and another popular name agrees.

Hopes Reborn For Ethereum

Another well-known analyst, Farmer Bluntz, took a similar view. The analyst stated that the short-term drop on the ETH chart has punctured. According to Farmer Bluntz’s analysis, the price can reach $ 500 again in a short time.

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