Ethereum Reserve Shrinks in Stock Exchanges


Ethereum investors have begun to attract the Ether they hold in exchanges to different addresses. It is thought that the shrinkage of the ether reserves in the stock exchanges may activate the price.

According to CryptoQuant data, the amount of ether held in exchanges decreased by 10 percent in a period of 24 hours. When a similar picture occurred for bitcoin, crypto money analysts started to talk about the “liquidity crisis”.

‘Bitcoin has quadrupled’

Nugget News founder Alex Saunders thinks this change in ether reserves could positively affect the price. Saunders said, “Do you remember what happened when the supply of bitcoins in exchanges began to fail to meet demand? The price quadrupled in 90 days. shared with the comment.

With a market value of $ 140 billion, ether has a supply of 114 million in circulation. More than 2.4 million of this are known to be held in the deposit contract for Eth 2.0.


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