Ethereum price chart by year! Ethereum 2022 Forecasts!


How long have you been investing in Ethereum? If you look at the price of ETH a few years ago, you will be able to better understand the missed opportunity. Today I will show you how many TL’s have been sold every month since the first day of Ethereum. In addition, we will discuss the expectations for Ethereum (ETH) in 2022.

Ethereum price chart by year

In August 2015, 1 Ethereum cost about 2 TL. Today, he continues to find buyers at a price of more than 50,500 Turkish lira. In the table below, you can see how Ethereum has gone through a price journey since its launch. Prices are calculated according to the parity of Turkish lira, taking into account the 1st day of each month.

On the chart below you can see the price chart in parity with the US dollar. Early Ethereum investors saw a great opportunity. Well, if you knew about Ethereum in 2016 or 2015, would you buy? More importantly, could you wait and not sell until the price reaches the $5,000 target?

Ethereum 2022 Forecasts!

Speaking of the $5,000 price limit for Ethereum, will this figure encourage you to sell your ETH? By the end of 2022, many analysts expect the price to exceed the $5,000 mark. Even more ambitious commentators are setting wild goals that we will see $60,000 in the long run with the transition to the PoS algorithm.

Merge is expected to complete the process of merging the new PoW and PoS chain this year. After this stage, Ethereum will work with the proof-of-stake algorithm instead of proof-of-work. In other words, in the new Ethereum mining, there will be no need to mine miners using a video card. Of course, miners will continue to earn money, although less. For example, some of the fees for transactions on the network will reach them, but the process of mining ETH by mining (mining) will end. Instead, investors who allocate certain capital for mining by betting can be validators, since billions of dollars worth of Ethereum are already blocked in ETH 2.0.

Since the biggest price catalyst of this year will be the transition to the PoS algorithm, I can recommend that you closely follow the publications on Vitalik Buterin’s blog and follow the process. Even if Bitcoin remains at these levels, Ethereum could start a big rally as soon as the date of the transition to PoS becomes clear. Having entered a more environmentally friendly form than energy-intensive mining, Ethereum will also attract the attention of institutional investors. At the same time, he will be spared the wrath of States that use environmental issues as an excuse.