Ethereum Miners Set Records: 250T / s


Ethereum miners set a new record as the number of transactions on the network increased. Thanks to the DeFi craze, the miners who earned much higher-than-normal income exceeded 250T / s and set a new hash record.

According to the information shared by Glassnode, Ethereum miners have exceeded the 250T / s level as of today. Representing the amount of hashes that Ethereum miners are generating per second, this indicator has risen 80 percent since the beginning of this year.

Based on the 1-day moving average of this hash rate, Glassnode; It announced the new hash record in the ETH network at 250,188,109,366,934,531 (250T / s). Thus, the record of 250,012,019,956,426,469 on August 9, 2018 was broken.


DeFi impact on Ethereum easing

The total amount of money locked in the DeFi market is currently over $ 10 billion. However, the Binance Index showed that DeFi tokens were losing value by half over the month. The investor has turned to Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens due to risks such as rug-pull and anonymous project.

Meanwhile, transaction fees, which were up to $ 50 due to DeFi craze in the Ethereum network, began to decline. Earning a transaction fee of 42,763 ETH in one day on September 17, the miners earned 5,898 ETH on October 4. Between the same dates, the absolute number of transactions on the network fell from 1.32 million to 932 thousand.

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