Ethereum Interpretation of Two Names: Will it rise?


Ethereum (ETH) price surpassed $ 1,600 and broke the all-time price record. Two professionals of the industry think that the ETH price will continue to rise in the coming months and years. One of them is that the price can be doubled; another announced that it could go up to $ 10,000.

Ether broke its own price record a week before futures at CME Group started. Hive Blockchain Chairman Frank Holmes and MyEtherWallet COO Brian Norton believe the coming weeks will be bright for ETH.

‘It can double in a few months’

Norton, one of the managers of MyEtherWallet, spoke to Kitco News and shared general information about Ethereum. In the program, how Ethereum works, how it differs from Bitcoin, what kind of features it has were examined. Norton made an estimate for the price of ether over $ 1,600.

Saying that technologies at the base and side chain level are developing, Norton said that Ethereum will have much more use in the coming months. Blockchains compatible with the Ethereum blockchain are increasing in number; It was stated that Ethereum-based applications became popular at the same time. Norton’s comment on the price is as follows:

“(Unlike Bitcoin), the more Ethereum is used, the greater the demand. If demand continues to grow as it is today, the price is likely to double within a few months. ”

“It is possible to go up to $ 10,000”

According to Hive Blockchain Chairman Frank Holmes, the horizon for the price of Ether is much higher. Holmes; He says hedge funds do not like to trade with cryptocurrency exchanges and instead prefer futures. In a few days, ether term transaction will be available via CME.

Commenting on this as a “very bullish” development for ether, Holmes said that its user base is growing. In the publication organized by Stansberry Research, under Bitcoin; While ether was compared to silver, it was mentioned how many uses it had.

Emphasizing the importance of the decentralized finance industry, Holmes said, “Ethereum is growing very fast with DeFi. While the price of ether, which is $ 1,400 while bitcoin is $ 19,000, it can be $ 10,000 when bitcoin goes above $ 30,000. said. Holmes did not give a time frame for this.


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