Ethereum Hits All-time High


With a market cap of $494.49 billion, Ethereum set a new record, reaching an all-time high. Here is the final value..


Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, has set a new record by reaching an all-time high. The crypto currency, which delights its investors and increases the market volume with its rise for days, has exceeded the threshold of $ 4.366.

New record from Ethereum!

The digital currency, which broke a record with its bounce in the afternoon, continues to be the address of investors by maintaining the threshold of 4 thousand dollars, although it loses value again towards the evening hours. With this increase experienced by ETH, whose market value reached $ 494.49 billion, positive returns began to come from the investor side.

Ethereum, which has gained 10.44 percent in the last 7 days, has been positively affected by the increase of Bitcoin since the beginning of the week. Expected to earn even more towards the weekend, Ethereum once again gained the trust of investors with the record it broke.

It is not known how long ETH will continue to rise in this way, continuing to gain rapidly from the morning hours of today. However, with the new record it broke, it seems to be a frequent destination for crypto money investors.

What do you think about Ethereum, the largest and most popular currency after Bitcoin? How do you see the future? You can share your ideas in the comments section. It should be noted that Ethereum is trading at $4,114 as of Thursday evening.


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