Ethereum history broke a record: $ 2000 has passed!


Ethereum, which is seen as the second most important cryptocurrency in terms of market value, broke a historical record today. Ether prices have exceeded $ 2,000, thanks to an increase of close to 5 percent in the last 24 hours.

During the day, crypto currencies attracted attention with a serious increase in value. Bitcoin rushed to the record again, pulling its prices to the 60 thousand band, making its investors smile. Ethereum, on the other hand, surprised everyone by seeing such high values ​​for the first time.

Ethereum delighted its investors with historical record

The Ethereum chart, which has drawn a moving picture since night hours, is trading at $ 2,000 as of April 2. The popular cryptocurrency with a market value of $ 231.49k currently has a supply of 115.30M. The market volume in the last 24 hours has reached 32.97 thousand dollars.

The reason for the rapid rise of Ethereum came just after the announcements that the world-famous financial service company Visa will enter the crypto money trade. Earlier in the week, Visa announced it wanted to launch a project based on the Ethereum Blockchain to enable cryptocurrencies to process transactions on its own payment network.

Visa’s statements directed investors to Ethereum. On the other hand, with the Easter week, many cryptocurrencies in the market have moved. Ether also got its share of these motion graphics.

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