Ethereum Founder: “Yield Farming Is Not Sustainable”


As it is known today, Ethereum’s second largest cryptocurrency is the birthday. The cryptocurrency, which entered our lives 5 years ago, has an important place in the industry with its many uses and smart contracts. Canadian-Russian Vitalik Buterin, the founder, also made important statements about the industry on this day.

Ethereum founder mentioned the important points in his YouTube broadcast with journalist Laura Shin, mentioning the recent DeFi fury; He stated that DeFi yield farming in its current form is unsustainable.

“They are pushing people into DeFi, there are temporary reasons to enter here right now, but as more people go into DeFi; these reasons will no longer be valid. ”

Buterin also stated that the high interest rates may decrease the rates to zero and there are serious risks.

The young entrepreneur also talked about the security of smart contracts and gave information about the future of Ethereum. You can watch the video subject to the article below.


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