Ethereum Founder Buterin: Industry Should Expand


Ethereum Founder Buterin Argues The Crypto Money Industry Should Expand

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, who has been frequently mentioned by the rises he has experienced in recent days and his expected update in July, stated that the crypto industry should not count.

Stating that his biggest rival, Bitcoin (BTC), represents a purely financial instrument, Buterin stated that Ethereum can be used in many fields from decentralized communication to governance. Buterin, who opposed the launch of Bitcoin as if it was the only way out of the market, said that opening up Bitcoin banners was quite meaningless even in peaceful protests.

However, Mike Novagratz also stated that the last rally in Bitcoin that raises its price over $ 10,000 was due to civil turmoil in the USA.

Bitcoin (BTC), which experienced a sharp decrease from the $ 10,000 level again, is trading at $ 9,492 as of writing the news.