Ethereum (ETH) Bulls Stand Out From Bitcoin (BTC)


The anonymous owner of and BitcoinTalk Cobra started a heated debate on Bitcoin on Twitter and probably chose ETH as the best performing crypto asset of 2020.

Known for his controversial views in the Bitcoin community, Cobra now thinks that Ethereum is trying to avoid moving along with the price of Bitcoin while driving the bull market.

“I feel that Bitcoin is pulling underfoot, if we see a bull market driven by ETH, trust in BTC will be more shaken.

ETH and BTC or ETH and BTC

In addition to performing better than any other crypto asset, Ethereum was the cryptocurrency that returned after the August 2 flash crash and earned higher resistance levels. Still, most investors think that ETH can do better if they leave BTC.

Speaking about BTC’s leading position, the founder of Blockspace thinks that ETH can compete with BTC only after Ethereum 2.0 is installed, but until then, Bitcoin’s price was not concerned with ETH.

But the best possible scenario is that the two entities can coexist and complement each other. As ETH co-founder Vitalik recently stated; ETH is not a competition for BTC, it is the continuation of Satoshi’s BTC vision.

If Ethereum 2.0 is successful, it will create a DApps ecosystem that will enable bridging solutions and will switch between the two entities, even without most people realizing it.

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