What is Ethereum eRush and How is it mined?


With Ethereum eRush (EER), which brings a completely different convenience to mining, anyone can start mining in just 10 minutes and get their share from 16,384 EERs that appear in each block. At least 10 people are included in the Ethereum eRush network, which reaches 375 miners in a month.

With the invention of the Proof of Live consensus algorithm, a new form of mining has been discovered around the world. Ethereum eRush (EER), built on this new form of mining, brings a completely different convenience to mining.

Anyone who wants can start mining immediately with the installation that takes only 10 minutes. In the Proof of Live system, users sign the contract by proving that they are alive when the block is resolved, provided that the computer is on for 24 hours, is connected to the internet and the Pol Miner program is active, and gets a share of 16,384 EER production that occurs in each block in proportion to the amount of stake.

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Total supply is 24,092,240 units in Ethereum eRush, an open source and decentralized project with no CEO. There will also be a split in every 730 blocks. When the first division takes place, 16,384 EERs, which occur when each block is solved, will have dropped to 8,192 EER and the share of each miner will decrease. Reaching 375 miners in a month, EER’s system starts mining at least 10 people every day. As a requirement of the basic rule of the economy, it is foreseen that the price of EER will increase as the demand increases while the supply decreases.

Sending alphanumeric notes with transfer
Another remarkable feature of Ethereum eRush is that it offers the opportunity to send alphanumeric text alongside Memo. Thus, users will be able to send notes along with crypto money transfer and send information about the transfer to the other party.

Moreover, the integration of Ethereum eRush into commercial sites is very simple. EER removes the major obstacles to businesses getting crypto payments. E-commerce companies can integrate EER within 1 hour and start receiving crypto payments immediately. Thanks to EER’s Memo feature, members can easily report the ID number on the site to the company for once and exchange easily.

Listed on two more exchanges
Ethereum eRush is currently traded on the Sistemkoin stock exchange. It will be listed on the Coinsbit exchange on March 2 and IDCM, one of the leading Chinese exchanges on March 16.

How to become an EER miner?
To be an Ethereum eRush (EER) miner, you must first have an Ethereum wallet with at least 0.2 Ether. Later, mining can be started by a web3 provider like infura.io and a stake in Ethereum eRush coins (minimum 100 EER, maximum 2999 EER).

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