Ethereum Developers Announced: Bad News from ETH 2.0?


Although the price of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency compared to the total market value, has increased in recent days, there has been a bad event in the developments in the infrastructure.

Bifurcation occurred in Schlesi Test Network
Afri Schoedon, one of the leading developers of Ethereum, stated in his tweet about the subject that there was a fork in the Schlesi test network, that is, a fork. It is known that Schlesi test network is one of the important steps in the transition to ETH 2.0.

So is this bad for Ethereum? In fact, this development shows that the test network is experiencing an unexpected split. Tyler Smith said in a statement on the subject that this is actually a very good development. Stating that the main purpose of the test networks is to detect the crises before the transition to the main network, ConsenSys official stated that they have seen a new error.

Smith, after stating that the Schlesi test net is more than necessary, hinted that this strained him and thought he would necessarily make a mistake. Indeed, the expected error appeared, and now developers can focus on solving the problem in the test network.

So this event in the Schlesi test network can actually make the network more perfect.


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