Ethereum Continues to Expand Chinese Blockchain


In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Red Date Technology CEO Yifan He announced that the blockchain-based Service Network (or BSN), which China is helping its founding partnership, plans to integrate nearly 100 public networks by the end of this year.

Their goal, according to He, is to enable BSN to expand globally and allow everyone to develop decentralized applications on this Blockchain agnostic platform:

“The Internet has evolved only after everyone’s website has become cheap. Our mission is to place everything related to blockchain on BSN’s platform. ”

Blockchain Network Expands

One of the most promising Blockchain projects that received strong support from the Chinese government, BSN was founded in October 2019.

Earlier this month, BSN created two Blockchain networks that would operate independently: BSN-China and BSN-International. BSN-International, led by Red Date, will be responsible for integrating public blockchains.

Some cryptocurrencies have already been added to BSN’s data centers. Integrations according to Yifan He include Ethereum, EOS and China-based NEO and Nervos:

“We got a lot of ideas about who the first public chains to be integrated. In addition to Ethereum and EOS, which we announced in April, we decided to include another international public chain Tezos and two of China’s leading projects, NEO and Nervos. ”

In addition, BSN adopted the technology of Chainlink at the end of June.

Barriers to BSN

However, Beijing’s hostility to public blockchains is a major obstacle to BSN adoption. Bitcoin has been banned in China since September 2017. The UK’s withdrawal from China’s Huawei mobile network is another obstacle. It is claimed that Red Date is looking for at least seven non-Chinese partners to join BSN-International in order to disperse all this pessimism.

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