Ethereum Based Project Attack: $ 7 Million Loss


It has been announced that an attack worth $ 7 million was carried out against the Ethereum-based Origin Dollar. More than $ 1 million invested by the founders and employees in the project was also stolen as a result of the attack, Origin reported.

The blockchain project Origin Dollar (OUSD), which lost $ 7 million with the attack; It is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency platform that allows money transfers between parties to be made without an intermediary. Co-founder Matthew Liu stated that they were very upset about the attack and that they continued their investigation with the whole team.

Attackers used Tornado Cash and renBTC

The Origin team said that they have done a detailed research on the attack and asked users to follow the developments on the blog. In the last update, Origin co-founder reported that the attackers were able to track their wallet. According to reports, the attackers stole coins using Tornado Cash and renBTC, and it was found that one of the attackers’ wallets had 7137 ETH and 2249 million DAI. It is stated that most of the stolen fixedcoins were withdrawn on Origin Dollar (OUSD).

In the news shared by Coindesk, it was said that OUSD decreased by 36% during the day. However, according to Etherscan data, it was stated that the attackers used flash loans for manipulation.

Origin co-founder Matthew Liu said in his blog post that affected users should not receive OUSD on Uniswap or Sushiswap. He also stated that comprehensive measures will be taken to recover lost funds before negotiating any compensation payments to users affected by the attack.

Hackera called out

In his post, Matthew Liu called out the hackera and stated that they wanted the right thing to be done. Liu said:

“We ask you to do the right thing and return the money you stole. As a hacker, you have proved to be quite skillful. If you return 100% of the money, we will not follow you and take action against you. Just think of the people you hurt and return the money. ”

Liu thanked the blockchain community and all the experts who helped.


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