Ethereum and XRP Interpretation from the World Bank

The World Bank has prepared a new blockchain report together with the International Monetary Fund’s digital advisory team. In the report, where different blockchains are examined, “It is very difficult to compare Polkadot with Ethereum yet.” It was said.

The World Bank and IMF Digital Advisory Unit conducted a study of the connection paths between different blockchains. During the study, money transfer was made between Ethereum and XRP Ledger networks via Interledger, and how Polkadot can be combined with different blockchains was measured.

“Promising future for the payment industry”

As a result of the research, it was declared that the Interledger platform is a “promising technology for the payment industry”. Interledger, developed by Ripple’s former CTO Stefan Thomas; It is an open source protocol that enables money transfer between different blockchain networks.

Thanks to this protocol; A money transfer sent in XRP form can be delivered to the receiving party in ETH, USD or EUR. The researchers, who used Ethereum and XRP Ledger during the test, had a positive result.

“Not yet comparable to Ethereum”

Known as the “Ethereum Killer”, Polkadot can combine different blockchain networks at a common point. World Bank and IMF researchers have tested Substrate technology developed to make it easier to connect to the Polkadot network.

It was stated that the substrate provides more flexible opportunities to blockchain developers than usual and the development process can accelerate in this way. However, it has been stated that Polkadot cannot be compared to Ethereum, which has yet “achieved a good momentum”.



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