Ethereum and Reddit: The 5-day challenge and solutions


Four possible applications could answer Reddit’s challenge to protocol developers on Ethereum. Until the deadline, which ended on July 31, a large number of proposals were observed by them.

Although most of the developers of applications on the Ethereum network did not present viable solutions, there are others that seem to be quite attractive. Some of them meet expectations and may be approved.

Reddit’s challenge to Ethereum users and developers is to provide an answer or solution to various network problems. Some are proposed to handle 100,000 specific claims, 25,000 subscriptions, 75,000 one-off point burns and 100,000 transfers.

Ethereum, Reddit and the answers to the challenge

The difficulty of this Reddit challenge to the Ethereum community increases with the short time they put in for a solution. Despite this, there are some proposals that seem to bring solutions.

Aztec is the first of the platforms to present possible solutions. To do this, they propose the implementation of a private Zk-Rollup package. This consists of, for example, the transactions that Reddit needs, are made through the Ethereum Blockchain network.

The weak point of this would be that the Gas charged for each movement would be higher than the cost of the transactions that are generally made of ETH.

Building transactions can take, in the longest case, up to 40 seconds. These require up to 3 minutes to be fully completed. The project promises an effort to improve interactions.

Scalability solution using plasma

Another proposal for Reddit’s challenge to the Ethereum community comes from the OMG protocol, formerly OmiseGo. This consists of the use of plasma side chains to solve scalability problems.

It should be noted that Plasma has a functionality similar to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Both consist of improving the scalability of the Blockchain network. In the case of Plasma, it has existed since 2017 as a proposal of the founder of this network Vitalik Buterin together with Joseph Poon.

The functionality of this proposal of the Ethereum OMG protocol to Reddit’s challenge, is to create parallel chains of plasma. To do this, the application creates a Chrome extension, which can be adapted to the Reddit interface.

A decentralized cloud

For its part, the Skale protocol proposes a decentralized cloud computing platform. It is a high performance proposal which is primarily designated by cloud computing.

Skale assures that, responding to Reddit’s challenge to the Ethereum network, involves providing attractive solutions. One of them is to eliminate transaction fees. In this way, the operation would be similar to what exists on the Amazon platform.

To do this, Reddit should create its own platform on the Skale Blockchain network and reimplement its “Community Points” logic. For the company it could have a cost between $ 350 and $ 44,000 USD. All this, they explain, depending on the size of the chain.


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