Ethereum 2.0: Zinken Test Also Successfully Completed


The expected Ethereum 2.0 update process accelerated with the success of the Zinken test. The Zinken test, which was announced to be running smoothly on October 12, 2020, represents a major step in the transition to Ethereum 2.0.

The Zinken test, which is reported to show excellent performance, is a test focused on solving user problems. The developers and participants of the test stated that Zinken did not have any problems and the operation was running smoothly.

What is Zinken Test?

Implemented similarly to the Spadina test previously done for Ethereum 2.0 Genesis, Zinken is a problem-solving testnet. This network also allows validators to easily transition while connecting to the main network. It was written by Danny Ryan on the Ethereum blog that the Zinken test is to implement the genesis process, similar to Spadina. However, Terence Tsao, one of the developers of Zinken, also evaluated the performance of the test on Twitter. The test performed almost perfectly, according to Tsao.

According to data, the Zinken test network has 4,269 active validators and more than 136,000 ETH (GöETH). The Medalla test network is also active now and many validators are trading on the network. In order for the network to reach its final stage, it must have more than 16,000 validators and 500,000 ETH. Said figures were kept slightly lower for Spadina and Zinken for testing purposes.

Bullish Review for ETH

ConsenSys blockchain company Jimmy Ragosa reported on Twitter that he predicted a bullish outlook for the ETH price, emphasizing the success of the Zinken test:

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“In the light of the successful Zinken test, I imagine ETH going to phase 0 in a few weeks, ignoring the obvious signals of the bears.”

Underlining that the final test network for ETH2 Phase 0 was Zinken, Ragosa said that the test was successful and the contract and start date for the main network are now expected.

It is also said that the success seen in Zinken raised the ETH price from $ 365 to over $ 390. ETH continues to trade just under $ 400, reaching the highest in the past three weeks. Currently, ETH price is at the level of $ 385. Finally, analysts have stated that ETH must jump to $ 440 in order to pass this resistance level.


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