Ethereum 2.0 Is Coming, Announced Almost Ready!


Smart contract monitoring company Quantstamp has announced that it is “almost ready” for Ethereum 2.0.

A new announcement has arrived, especially for Ethereum 2.0, which is highly anticipated by the Ethereum community. The announcement was made by Quantstamp, a smart contract auditing company. According to the announcement, the update is almost ready and the Phase 0 phase of the project will be delivered in the very near future.

“Hours were wasted”

Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma shared the developments regarding the update and stated that a lot of work has been done to ensure the successful results of the tests. Ma’s explanations are exactly as follows:

“Our customer teams spent hours co-ordinating and testing with audit firms to make sure the core of Ethereum 2.0 was ready for publication.”
According to the continuation of the statements, Quantstamp has also completed the reviews of Teku, an Ethereum 2.0 client. It is known that Teku was developed by ConsenSys, a technology company focused on blockchain technology. A launch is considered for Ethereum 2.0 before the end of 2020, but this is only an expectation for now. This comment on Ethereum 2.0 seems to green the hopes a little more.

Gaps in the codes have been eliminated

CEO Richard Ma also talked about what Teku audits are. According to Quantstamp’s authorized name, Teku inspections focused on solving various problems that may arise later. A consensus was reached in the inspections and the controls of the codes required for rewards and penalties were made in a healthy way. The auditing firm stated that the current code base is of the highest quality and provided details on the roughnesses revealed during the audits.

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One of them was the missing validation logic that was discovered in the code but was later resolved. Also among the fixes were unlimited messaging queue code bug that would leave nodes vulnerable to DDoS attacks one by one. A few code errors that could cause clients to be out of sync are also among the inaccuracies the company overcame in audits.


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