Ethan Hawke still wants a role in “Star Wars” 4 years after the failure of the campaign


Ethan Hawke admits he still wants a Star Wars role four years after a failed campaign. Having just completed work on the first season of Marvel’s Moon Knight, Hawke is also starring in the upcoming horror film Black Phone, which hits theaters on June 23. The anticipated sequel to the 2019 Ryan Johnson murder mystery “Get Knives,” which is expected to debut on Netflix later this year.

Hawke, a self-proclaimed “Star Wars” fan, first tried to join a galaxy far, far away in the episode “Conan” back in 2014. On the eve of the release of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens. Four years later, the star continued his plea for Conan, saying he would be more than happy to play a Jedi, a villain, or even a Wookiee, provided it means he can star in a Star Wars movie. Then Hawke enthusiastically praised “Solo: Star Wars: Stories” 2018 and stated that he was ready to audition for the role. Four years later, Hawke’s efforts still haven’t paid off.

Speaking to Screen Rant about his role in “Black Phone,” Hawke revealed that he is still desperate to get a role in “Star Wars,” despite his unsuccessful campaign. He joked that he was making himself feel better about not being cast in Star Wars, believing that “they have something really good on their mind” for his hypothetical position in the franchise. Hawke then praised the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series. His full quote can be read below:

Ethan Hawke: Isn’t that amazing? I mean, I made a tough public presentation! I know, and I see all these great people in these things, and I could play that role. I could play that role. I think someone up there doesn’t like me.

SR: That can’t be true.

Ethan Hawke: I think they have something – and I feel better because I think they have something really good on their mind.

SR: I think it’s, “We’re not going to waste it just as some minor character that comes and goes.”

Ethan Hawke: Exactly. I want something really good. But I’m enjoying the new Obi-Wan series.

Although Hawke has not yet found himself in the Star Wars project, the actor has many opportunities to join the expanding universe thanks to the onslaught of new Disney+ shows and future films. At the celebration of “Star Wars” 2022, Lucasfilm announced a number of exciting series, such as “Skeleton Crew”, “The Novice”, future seasons of “Mandalorian” and the mysterious series “Lando”, which have the potential to attract such outstanding talents as Hawk. It’s not hard to imagine Hawk fitting into the Star Wars franchise. His versatile acting abilities allow him to play a force-sensitive Jedi, bounty hunter, or even a Wookiee. Regardless of what hypothetical role Hawke might play, it would certainly be interesting to see such a talented performer show his acting abilities for the next big Star Wars project.

Star Wars has yet to respond to Hawke’s campaign for a role in the franchise. Perhaps there is something behind the scenes, and Hawke is just keeping these details a secret. However, it will be interesting to see if Hawke’s desire to join a galaxy far, far away will soon become a reality or if the actor will have to continue campaigning for the role of his dreams.