Ethan Hawke spoke about the chances of the return of the villain Moon Knight to the MCU


Ethan Hawke decides if he will ever return to the MCU as the villain Moon Knight Arthur Harrow. The premiere of the Moon Knight, which joined the ever-growing list of Disney + MCU shows, took place earlier this year, introducing viewers to the main character Oscar Isaac. The show received mostly positive reviews from both viewers and critics, with many praising its unique tone and mind-blowing premise, as well as the dynamic between Isaac and Hawke. Presented as a limited series, it remains unclear if Moon Knight will return in the second season or if Isaac’s character will appear in future MCU appearances.

While Isaac’s game was highly praised, Hawk’s villain also became Moon Knight’s finest hour for many fans. Harrow is a former avatar of the Egyptian moon god Honshu, but soon the character embarks on a new path, trying to resurrect Ammit, another ancient Egyptian deity. The series ends with a decisive battle between Honshu and Ammit, in which Isaac’s character eventually defeats Harrow. The scene after the credits of “Moon Knight” introduces Jake Locke played by Isaac, the unexpected third personality of Mark Specter, who apparently kills Harrow in the back seat of his limo.

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In a new interview with IndieWire, Hawke questions his potential return to the MCU, explaining that ultimately he is “not interested in long-term commitments.” Without writing off a return to the role of Harrow in the future, the actor explains that he took on the role partly because he wanted to “find out what this sandbox [MCU] is like.” Check out Hawke’s full commentary on his future MCU below:

“I don’t have to talk about it. I was supposed to sign a non-disclosure agreement on cooperation with them, but I’m not interested in long-term commitments. I was defending myself because I didn’t know what it would be. I just wanted to find out what this sandbox was like.”

Hawke had previously hinted to Screen Rant that Harrow might have survived a collision with Lockley during the post-credits scene of Moon Knight, but his latest comment certainly suggests that Harrow has no plans to return at the moment. Like Isaac, Hawke seems to have made sure that he is not tied to anything in the long run, a situation that is relatively new for Marvel, as actors are often contractually obligated to appear in more films or shows besides the one-picture contract. Although both Isaac and Hawk may well return to the MCU in the future, nothing is currently written that suggests that either of them is legally obligated.

“Moon Knight” has proven itself well with both viewers and critics, but at least for Hawke, the series seems more like a one-off. Of course, Moon Knight also told a relatively independent story, suggesting that even if he never returns, it won’t affect the broader MCU. While it seems likely that Isaac’s Moon Knight will appear in another MCU property at some point in the future, Hawke’s comment combined with his character’s fate suggests that Harrow may well be gone forever.