Eternals: Marvel Movie Will Have Exclusive Theater Release


It has recently been officially announced that the film Eternals, directed by Chloe Zhao for Marvel, will have an exclusive theatrical release and will not be available in the Premier Access feature of Disney+. Thus, like Shang-Chi and The Legend of Ten Rings, the production will only be seen by fans, initially, in theaters where it is available.

The refusal to the current release method of Disney films is due to the controversy raised by the lawsuit that Scarlett Johansson initiated against the company, alleging breach of contract for making the feature Black Widow available on streaming.

In previous interviews, Kevin Feige claimed that he was still negotiating this issue and could not say anything about the matter. According to speculation, the president of Marvel Studios would have been quite uncomfortable with Disney’s decisions, which led the interpreter of heroine Natasha Romanoff to adopt extreme measures.

Eternals continues with its premiere date set for November 5th of this year and will not make it to Disney+ before touring theaters around the world for at least 45 days.

However, there are several countries that have not yet allowed the reopening of this type of space, taking into account vaccination against covid-19 and the known variants of the coronavirus.

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Premier Access was initially created by Disney so that there would not be a significant loss of revenue on its films after theaters closed. However, because several deals were closed before the coronavirus pandemic, some problems have been faced by the company in recent months.

Marvel resumed the release of its films after several uncertainties and delays, focusing only on the availability of original series, such as WandaVision, Loki and Falcão and the Invernal Soldier.

In addition to Eternos, Spider-Man’s debuts have already been confirmed: No Return Home, for December 2021, Doutor Estranho 2: No Multiverso da Loucura, in March 2022, and also Thor 4: Amor e Trovão, in May of 2022.

So don’t miss it and stay tuned for all these news!


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