Eternals: Know Where The Movie Is On The MCU Timeline


Eternals: Recently, Nate Moore, producer of Eternals, revealed in an interview to Comicbook portal the position in which the new Marvel film fits in the MCU’s timeline in relation to other studio productions.

“It’s a great cosmic movie that has been set on Earth for over 7,000 years. The events of Avengers: Ultimatum do not directly affect Eternals, although the characters are well aware of what happened in the past.

You will be able to hear their opinion about the events and why they were not involved. So it’s a post-Ultimatum world, but it’s not a straight line as far as the narrative is concerned,” said Moore.

In addition, the producer also commented on a possibility, raised by fans, for the film to have the participation of other heroes from the Marvel Cinematographic Universe.

“These characters exist in every movie that we love and know to some degree. So there’s a sense that it recontextualizes some characters and how you see them. But then again, it’s also very self-contained to some degree,” said Moore.

In that way, the producer hinted that viewers shouldn’t wait to see other classic Marvel characters in the new feature.

Eternos has its world premiere scheduled for November 5th and will only be released in theaters at this first moment.

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