Eternals 2: Pip Actor Patton Oswalt Responds To Sequel Rumors


Patton Oswalt, who plays the Troll Pip in the MCU, refutes rumors that a sequel to “Eternal” is currently being developed. As part of the restoration of Marvel Studios after the culmination of the infinity saga, new heroes have appeared in the fourth phase of the franchise, including the Eternals. Created by the Celestials, the near-immortal beings were featured in Chloe Zhao‘s “Eternals,” released in 2021.

The main team of the Eternals consists of 10 participants who were sent to Earth thousands of years ago to protect people from alien Deviants. From the moment of their arrival on Earth, they merged with humans, believing that they were meant to protect them, not knowing about their true mission as outlined by the Celestials. However, in addition to the titular Eternals, the film also debuted more new characters in the MCU, including Dane Whitman played by Harington and the Blade of Mahershala Ali (though only through one remark in the second scene after the credits of the Eternals). However, during the first scene after the credits of “Eternal”, two more new MCU players were introduced: Prince of Titans Eros/Star Fox (Harry Styles) and his friend Troll Pip (Oswalt). Despite limited involvement in the film, Oswalt is expected to appear in the inevitable “Eternal 2,” which is rumored to be currently in development.

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In an interview with ComicBook, Oswalt responded to this suggestion by saying that he had not heard anything about “Eternal 2”. At the same time, the actor expressed his excitement about the idea of a sequel, saying that it would be “amazing” if “Eternal 2” followed Pip. the adventures of Troll and Starfox. Oswalt also names some other MCU films from which he would like to draw inspiration in the proposed film, for example, “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Ant-Man”. Read his full comment below:

“I haven’t heard these rumors. It would be amazing if [the sequel] was about Starfox and Pip, because it just seems to me that every time Marvel rolls the dice on these level B or C characters that everyone likes, ‘Oh, who cares about them?’ That ‘s where they end up like really blooming … Here are the Guardians of the Galaxy. I don’t know if you’ve seen Miss Marvel’s new show, but it’s just an absolute delight. I mean, it’s so cool… And I’m also a big fan of both Ant-Man movies. I think they’re fantastic and very, very underrated from a Marvel perspective and reflect the spirit of those times. So if they made a movie about Starfox and Pip, it would be… These would be the dice I would like to roll. Why not?

The end of the “Eternals” from Marvel organically creates a sequel with the unexpected return of Arishem, so there is every chance that the subsequent film will eventually be realized. However, it may be too early to start work on “Eternal 2″ now, since less than a year has passed since the release of the original film. Looking at the current MCU plan, the plan is for 2023 with a number of other projects waiting to get the appropriate release dates. So even if Marvel Studios is already working on the Eternals 2 story, it could be years before it’s announced, let alone released.

Fortunately, this does not mean that it will take so long for any of the titled Eternals or Starfox and the Troll Pip to reappear in the MCU. With many upcoming MCU projects (and some of them focused on the cosmic side of the universe and related to the Celestials, such as Guardians of the Galaxy. 3”), it is possible that these characters will be included in these projects before they return to Eternals 2. In fact, any cameos of the characters in other projects may even give viewers an idea of what to expect from the sequel.