Estimated Price of Space House Prepared by NASA for Tourists


In recent months, NASA has announced that they are preparing to move to the International Space Station (ISS) concept of collaboration and living space in partnership with the company Axiom Space. The accommodation price of these houses, which will be built for space tourism, is expected to be an average of $ 35,000.

Our world has been the living space of humanity for a long time. Our planet, where almost every corner is discovered and consumed desperately, will become uninhabitable after a while, according to scientists. Space workers looking for a living space for other travelers for many years, are improving themselves day by day. Researching the ways to live in space, scientists designed a space house with the space exploration company Axiom.

Space exploration company Axiom, in partnership with Nasa, announced its upcoming space tourism plans. French designer Philippe Starck stated that these space houses where they designed their interiors with touch screens and LED lights will be comfortable. Visitors are expected to be able to visit the International Space station in 2024.

NASA and Axiom commissioned 71-year-old French designer Philippe Starck to design interiors for space tourism, scheduled to begin in 2024. Starck is a designer who has accomplished successful work in all areas of extraordinary design, from hotels to yachts to an individual wind turbine. That’s why NASA and Axiom asked Starck to design a comfortable and life-friendly place.

These modules, designed by Starck, will accommodate national astronauts and private citizens from countries that are not members of the International Space station, according to Architectural Digest. Anyone who pays the price and goes through 15 weeks of training can board a space plane. Prices are claimed to be as high as $ 35,000 (about $ 218,000).

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“Our aim was not to create a copy of life in the world, but to create the best environment for people in this endless region,” Starck said in an interview with Architectural Digest.

People who want to experience this experience will first be taught by a trained astronaut. People will be physically subjected to some exams before starting this journey, and those who fail the exam will not be able to go into space. Passengers who have successfully completed their training will be ready to go to space.


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