Esther Acebo very gaga of her dogs in the snow!


Esther Acebo will soon be returning in the final season of La Casa de Papel. The actress spent a day in the snow with her dogs.

Fans can’t wait to reunite with Esther Acebo in season 5 of La Casa de Papel. The actress is done filming and is spending time in the snow with her dogs.

Esther Acebo is having a blast with her little dogs. The actress first gained fame several years ago in the Spanish series La Casa de Papel. She puts herself in the shoes of Stockholm, Denver’s girlfriend.

The past season has endangered the Stockholm – Denver couple. Thus, fans are wondering if the two characters will still be together in the sequel. And for good reason, Denver is somewhat sexist and did not want his darling to join the group of robbers after the birth of his son.

At this time, Netflix has not announced the release date for Season 5 of La Casa de Papel. However, the filming of the series has been over for several weeks. Esther Acebo is therefore done with the series and looks at her other projects.

The actress is a big fan of animals and wants to be very committed. Thus, it is not uncommon to see her talk about the abandonment of animals and point out cruelties. In fact, she herself has several small dogs that she is a fan of.


Esther Acebo has several small dogs that she loves to pamper. The 37-year-old actress loves to show off her pets and catches the web with several photos and videos. In fact, not long ago, she spent a day in the snow with them.

The snow fell in the Pyrenees and the Spanish actress took a little getaway. She brought her two dogs to the countryside to walk and play in the snow. Then, this Thursday, January 7, she unveiled several photos of them having a good time.

Esther Acebo’s two dogs can be seen rolling around in the snow and they look happier than ever. For her part, the actress is very happy to be able to spend some quiet time with them.

We suspect that the two little dogs must have let off steam with their feet in the snow. The pictures of the Stockholm performer are very successful and that must have put a smile on the faces of the fans.


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