Esther Acebo too gaga over her dogs on Instagram!


Esther Acebo loves her little dog. The La Casa de Papel actress showed off an adorable video of her pet. Esther Acebo became known through the Spanish series La Casa de Papel. The star adores animals and showed off an adorable video of her dog.

Several years ago, fans were able to discover the Spanish series La Casa de Papel on Netflix. Esther Acebo made a name for herself in the TV show and plays Monica aka Stockholm. In fact, fans will be able to see her in Season 5.

The actress and the rest of the cast are preparing for season 5. This season will mark the end of the robbers’ adventures. So, everyone is wondering how the series will end and if Monica will stay with Denver.

The Spanish actress is always in top form on Instagram. In fact, Esther Acebo often shows off the brides of her life and doesn’t hesitate to strike a pose with her adorable little dog.

She seems very close to her pet and didn’t hesitate to reveal a little video of her dog as she went for a walk.


This Friday, November 13, Esther Acebo enchanted her fans on Instagram. Indeed, the star took the time to take her dog out and filmed it while she was taking the elevator. The animal couldn’t wait to step outside and didn’t hesitate to play with its leash.

In the video, the La Casa de Papel actress can be heard talking to her dog. The star and her animal are very complicit and the video is likely to crack the fans. “You take me for your animal, you don’t know,” she wrote.

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Esther Acebo fights against animal abuse!

Esther Acebo loves animals and does not hide them. In fact, the star recently made a short film called “Su vida en tus manos” (Her life in your hands).

This new work aims to educate people against abandonment as well as animal abuse. The 37-year-old actress is therefore very committed and puts forward a subject that is close to her heart.


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