Esther Acebo fights against animal abuse!


Esther Acebo wants to be very committed against animal abuse. The actress of La Casa de Papel took part in an interesting short film.

Esther Acebo is sensitive to animal causes and fights against animal abuse. The La Casa de Papel actress therefore starred in a short film called “‘ Su vida en tus manos “.

Esther Acebo became known in the Spanish series La Casa de Papel. The actress has been putting herself in the shoes of Mónica alias Stockholm for several years. The young woman joined the group of robbers and is even in a relationship with Denver.

Fans will be able to reunite with the 37-year-old actress in Season 5. This season is slated to arrive on Netflix in 2021 and will mark the end of the robber story. So, it will be time to find out if Stockholm will stay with her darling …

Esther Acebo has many projects besides the Spanish series. Indeed, it seems that she recently participated in a short film to fight against animal abuse. The fans will therefore be able to see her again and we know more about this new film.

The short film is called “Su vida en tus manos” (Her life in your hands). According to Agencia EFE, the short film will be presented at the 27th edition of the Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival.


Esther Acebo’s new film highlights animal abandonment and abuse. The aim of the film is to remind viewers that dogs and even cats suffer when abandoned. Then, just like humans, they experience loneliness, sadness and fear.

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The purpose of the short film is to raise awareness and “force them to contemplate the world from where they [the animals] see it,” the outlet explains. The La Casa de Papel actress is not the only Spanish figure to have participated in this beautiful project.

In fact, in addition to the actress, fans will be able to see several Spanish stars such as David Rodríguez and Abril Ruiz.

Thus, Esther Acebo will put forward a nice project that may touch her fans. The actress finds herself a far cry from the universe of La Casa de Papel with this short film, but above all she made the film for a good cause!


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