Ester Exposito’s New Boyfriend, Who Is He?


The 21-year-old actress Ester Expósito is one of the most beautiful and most followed women in world entertainment. The blonde had a period away from social networks and her well over 26 million followers, but two weeks ago she reappeared with a new boyfriend.


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Ester Expósito’s new boyfriend is Uruguayan

Besides going back to work, Ester Exposito returned to gambling on love. Everything suggests that he is in an interaction with the Uruguayan actor, however based in Argentina several years ago, Nicolás Furtado . The couple met doing a job in Madrid where they both have various audiovisual projects and it was he who blaked that they remain appearing on their Instagram stories.

Shortly after Furtado’s publication, Ester Exposito in her stories on the camera’s social network shared a photo of her and someone else on the big screen. In the image you can see both entrances to the room and the feet of her and a male, for which it was calculated that it has been their first official dating.

But now, Ester Exposito returned to leave clues and in the same medium shared a photo of her with a sensual night look while a man hugs her from behind. The two remain in front of the mirror and the cell phone covers the face of the gallant even though if we go into details there is no doubt that it is Nicolás Furtado.