Ester Exposito shows her breasts in a tiny bikini


The Spanish Ester Expósito showed her most sensual side with this sexy photo.

Ester Exposito is one of the most important actresses in Spain, as her fame has reached international levels, becoming one of the symbols of beauty today.

The actress of “Veneno, La Serie” knows perfectly the great impact she has among her followers, which is why they seek to delight in the best images she has in her gallery, as she did this October 7.

It was through her Instagram account that the famous shared a photo where she is seen posing with a red micro bikini that left her followers with a square eye as it appears on white sheets, while crossing her leg to show off her slender figure.

“Siesta al sol”, published the actress.

Of course, after the publication of this image, the Elite actress began to receive hundreds of thousands of likes from her followers, who did not miss the opportunity to give her a compliment, telling her how beautiful she looks with said outfit.

“My God how rich, my wife! I hope my girlfriend does not see this comment “, ” Beautiful “, ” It was hard for me to be born with that great body ”,“ Divine with that bikini ”, were some comments she received.

Look at the photo of Ester Exposito

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siesta al sol♥️

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By the way, the actress is about to premiere the project “Someone has to die” on Netflix, along with her current partner Alejandro Speitzer, and the Mexican producer Manolo Caro, a series which is located in Spain, and where we can see the couple from moment doing his thing.

With more than 25 million followers on Instagram, the so-called “Marquesita” has taken her place as an actress of international stature, who has fans practically all over the world, and who is now being considered for even bigger projects.

Do you think Ester Exposito has a promising career? Do you think the famous one can reach Hollywood? Did you like her recent Instagram photo? Tell me your answer in the comments.

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