eSports Boxing Club gets a new trailer

Boxing fans have been orphaned by big games about the sport since EA left the Fight Night franchise aside, but Steel City Interactive is working on a very promising project that seems more than capable of honoring its legacy, the eSports Boxing Club game!

It was announced just over a year ago without much fanfare, but recently won a very impressive little trailer that details some of its mechanics and beautiful graphics. Check out:

The trailer is focused on British boxers David Adeleye and Eddie Hall who, as we can see, had their movements perfectly captured, with the right to a lot of fidelity in the positioning of the feet and game of legs. The gameplay will have a great focus on breath management, and it will be possible to cancel movements to dictate the pace of the fight.

In career mode, it will still be possible to hire different agents to promote the fights, which will impact your reputation system. Unfortunately there is still no release date set, but it looks like the wait will be worth it! What did you think of this game? Did you miss boxing video games? Comment below!



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