ESPN reporter appears as a transgender: the reaction of the sports world – The Spun: what is trending in the sports world today


The award-winning, longtime ESPN reporter declared himself transgender on Tuesday.

Longtime reporter Meshel Vopel announced the transition from a woman to a man and a new name on social media.

M. A. Vopel announced his decision on Tuesday evening.

“In the sports media, we were lucky to tell stories about other people’s travels. We also have our own. Part of me is transgender, and I’m turning into a man,” Vopel tweeted. “The signature is now M.A. Voepel, pronouns he/him. Please feel free to call me Voepel, MV, Michael, Mike; I feel good with them all.

“I’m honored to receive the Gaudi Award next month from the Naismith Hall of Fame, and I wanted to do it like the real me, so this announcement is now. Fear can paralyze us for decades, especially when we think we’re going to lose everything we hold dear, including our careers.”

It takes a lot of courage for a witness to do what he did.

The sports world appreciates and supports.

M.A.’s excellent solution will definitely be continued.


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