ESO: High Isle — How to Get a Sea Serpent Reel


The Sea Serpent Ring is a separate set of mythical neck armor in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, which is of great value for both tankers and fighters in battle. This piece of mythical equipment provides a significant increase in physical resistance and spell resistance. In addition, it increases negation by 40% at full HP. As soon as the owner takes damage at full health, he gets a unique single buff in Elder Scrolls Online, known as Snake Reproach, for 10 seconds. This status effect imposes a Snare on the player, reducing the movement speed of his character by 40%.

On the other hand, Serpent’s Rebuke of the Sea Serpent’s Coil will give the player Major Berserk and Major Courage, increasing damage dealt by 10% and damage from weapons and spells by 430 units. Unfortunately, the Mythic’s innate damage reduction does not work while the Snake Reproach is active. However, this is a significant increase in combat capabilities due to player mobility. Accordingly, the Sea Serpent Reel is a piece of risk—reward equipment that can be very effective for tanks or damage dealers with high enough stamina to use the Reproach of the Serpent.

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Mythical objects are divided into five fragments, each of which requires a clue of the “Master” difficulty level to detect. Similarly, to unlock the Sea Serpent Reel in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, adventurers need to find five main clues. In addition, players must have at least level 7 in Observation and have the passive skill Antiquarian Insight IV to observe the main leads in epoch mode. Naturally, this precondition means that ESO fans will need access to the Greymoor extension, since it is it that opens up the branch of surveillance skills to monitor leads.

Unlocking the Sea Serpent Reel in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

The five pins for the sea serpent ring are steel serpent fangs, a chain of sea silver, black elteric pearls, meteorite beads and an ice sapphire. To get these items, players must perform actions such as completing daily tasks, killing bosses in ESO, looting containers and collecting resources in the world.

Below are all the clues for the sea serpent reel in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, including locations and a brief description of how they can be obtained:

Steel Snake Fangs: Location — High Island | Method: Kill Snake Summoner Vishu, the world boss of the Snake Swamp in ESO, located near the center of the island. Silver chain of the sea: location — any zone | Method: Mine rich platinum layers to randomly find lead (jewelry review). Method: Collect giant clams found on the beaches of the High Island. Meteorite Beads: Location — Magicians Guild | Method: Complete the daily task of the Magicians Guild to get an item in the chest with awards, the Merits of the Magicians Guild. Cold Sapphire: Location — Rift|Method: Kill Nomeg Rain, the world boss of the Ice Ruins in the western part of the Rift.