ESO: High Isle — How to find and defeat the Snake Summoner Vinshu (Snake Swamp)


Elder Scrolls Online recently released its second addition to the Legacy of the Bretons storyline with High Isle, an exploration of the Sistres archipelago where players can fight world bosses such as Serpent Caller Vinsha. The Sistres Archipelago is home to Breton, half-Elf and human hybrids. ESO Legacy of the Bretons is the first time players can explore High Isle and Amenos, two islands of the archipelago; these locations have never appeared in ESO titles before.

The premise of Legacy of the Bretons is for players to explore the tense political situation brewing between rival factions. The Ascendant Tide expansion was released earlier in 2022, and players met both Ascendant Lord and Magus, two powerful leaders of the new Order seeking power over the Bretons. In High Isle, players will have to negotiate a coup that threatens to end order in the Sistres archipelago. This is a more political story compared to previous DLCs dealing with existential threats from Daedric princes from Elder Scrolls. As in previous games, players can complete the main quest, as well as hunt down world bosses to find rare ESO weapons and armor.

The Upper Island features six new world bosses: the Snake Summoner Vinsha in the Snake Quagmire, the Theurgi of Ancient Waves in the Lowlands of Amenos, the Knight of Sable in the Cauldron of Iffra, Glemios Wildhorn in the Fawn Falls, the Ascended Executioner and Ascending Tormentor in the Dark Stone Hollow and, finally, Matron Hadolid and Consort Hadolid in Mornard Falls. Snake Summoner Vinsha is the ground world boss of Snake Quagmire. Located in a swamp near the center of High Island, she is easy to find and is one of the first bosses players encounter after leaving Gonfalon Bay.

How to get to the Snake Swamp in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

Snake Swamp is located in the center of the High Island, next to the road sanctuary of the Estate of the Steadfast. Road sanctuaries make it easier for the player to quickly travel around the High Island, so it is recommended to unlock all road sanctuaries. Head east from the Unshakable Manor Road shrine and north across the river to find Snake Snake Vinshu, one of the six High Island world bosses. If the player does not already have this road sanctuary, go west from Gonfalon Bay, north across the river, and Snake Swamp will be on the right, near the lake near the center of High Island.

How to Find and Defeat Snake Snake Vinshu in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

Snake charmer Vinsha is a Maormer priestess of Satakal, the snake god. The Maormers from Elder Scroll Online are sea elves that can be found on both islands: High Island and Amenos. When the player enters the swamp, Vinsha will be waiting behind the arena at the stone pillars. The elven races of Elder Scroll are excellent with bows, and Vinsha is no different, using arrows to attack the player. She can also summon various viper minions and her copies to surround the player. Avoid her minions, chase her and use the strongest melee attacks.

As soon as the player defeats the Snake summoning Winsha, the Stamina Shield will drop out of her, one of the armor items for the Unshakable Strength set, available only in Elder Scroll Online: High Isle. In addition, as with all world bosses and mini-bosses of the excavation, the soul stone and other various resources, gold and equipment will fall out of it.