ESO: High Isle — How to Find and Defeat Eldertide The Urges (Amenos Lowland)


The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is the sixth storyline and DLC for the ESO franchise, where players can face world bosses such as the Theurgi of Eltertide. In 2022, the storyline of all DLC and new content will be centered around the Bretons, a race of half-elves, half-humans who came from the Sistres archipelago in the west of Tamriel. This expansion, part of the Legacy of the Bretons storyline, provides users with new game maps in the ESO universe, with a particular focus on High Isle and Amenos.

In addition, Elder Scrolls Online has six ground bosses that players can face alone or in a group. These bosses drop weapons from new sets, such as the Systres Scowl set. Six land bosses: The Theurgi of the Ancient Waves in the Amenos Basin, the Knight of the Sable in the Cauldron of Iffra, Glemios the Wild Horn at the Waterfalls of the Faun, the Summoner of the Snakes of Vinsha in the Snake Swamp, the Ascending Executioner and the Ascending Torturer in the Hollow of the Dark Stone and, finally, Matron Hadolid. and Hadolid Consort in Mornard Falls.

Eldertide Theurges is located in the Amenos Basin, near Amenos Station, where players first get to the pirate-infested island of ESO. Like all ground bosses, Eldertide Theurges is not easy, so players need to make sure they are ready, or join a group to defeat him.

How to get into the Amenos Pool in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

The Amenos Pool is located on the coast of Amenos Island in the Elder Scrolls Online game. The fastest way to get there is to use the road sanctuary at Amenos Station and then head northwest along the coast. The location is a beach dotted with huge rocks and boulders, a wasteland by the sea. There is a bonfire in the middle of the beach, where the Eldertide Theurges boss will be waiting for the player. If the player has not yet discovered the Amenos Road Sanctuary, start at Amenos Station and head northwest along the coast. Above the Amenos Pool is a Hidden Foundry where players can craft items from ESO.

How to Find and Defeat the Eldertide Theurgists in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

When the player first approaches the boss in the Amenos Pool in Elder Scrolls Online, there are two theurgists there to be defeated. The player must fight with Skerard Theurg and Rosara Theurg. Skerard and Rosara are Breton druids from the Circle of Ancient Tides, one of the warring factions in the High Isle DLC. Both bosses fight with one-handed weapons and use various magic spells to attack the player. In addition, Theurgists can summon various atronachs to surround the player.

When both Theurgists are defeated, items from the “Persistent Spirit” set drop out of them. In Elder Scrolls Online, there are weapon sets that give the player special privileges and positive effects when the entire set is completed, and many of these sets of armor and weapons drop out of world bosses such as Theurgi. Skerard drops Steadfast Mettle Guards, a level 50 medium leg armor. The Steadfast Mettle set gives players increased stamina when they put on more than two items at the same time. If the player is looking for more “Unshakable Dauntless” gear, head to the next boss of the aboveground world on Amenos, Matron Hadolid in Mornard Falls.