Escola do RJ implements 100% digital teaching


The Vila Isabel Teaching Center, located in the city of Três Rios, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, took a new step in its pedagogical model of “smart school” and opened vacancies for scholarships in 100% digital education.

Founded 32 years ago, the Centro de Ensino Vila Isabel (CEVI) has observed the evolution of the digital world in everyday life for some years and concluded through discussions that it would need to rethink its teaching model to take advantage of new technologies. From the meetings, the concept of “100% digital college” emerged, where children use their cell phones, tablets and computers to follow distance or face-to-face classes.

For CEVI, introducing the latest technologies to the classroom is a natural evolution of the education system. “Pen, pencil, paper and eraser, teach digital natives the same way they taught their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. For today’s student, learning from this methodology would be the same as betting a cart race against a super sports car ”, say educators at the teaching center.

From the news, the school mentions a new model of attendance lists via QR Code with real-time notifications for parents, tests applied entirely on smartphones on an exclusive platform and gamification, where children must perform activities that take advantage of games concepts to generate learning .

In this first stage, R $ 300 thousand will be invested in expanding the school’s infrastructure. Of this amount, R $ 100 thousand have already been dedicated to the year 2021, in the creation of handouts, library and digital activities. The rest of the amount must be used to purchase televisions, computers, projectors and teaching kits for teachers.

Digital teaching approved by MEC

Before announcing its new teaching model, CEVI took its proposal to MEC to guarantee prior authorization. With it, the school will be able to start its digital activities as early as 2021. In this pandemic period, the school will offer classroom and remote classes, offering options for parents who prefer to keep their children at home; in return, they will be able to follow the classes in real time with the teachers.


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