“Escape rooms” feature is coming in Google Meet


Large online classrooms can be challenging for both teachers and students who learn better while interacting with others. To eliminate this problem, Google announced a new feature for Meet called “escape rooms”. With this feature, educators will be able to divide participants into small groups during video chats.

The users of the Corporate Training package will be the first to benefit from the new feature of Meet. However, this feature will also be available to users of Education and standard Corporate customer packages before the end of the year.

In the statement made by Google, it was stated that the feature of directing participants to small groups is requested by many users. Thanks to this feature, it is aimed to increase the interactions in small groups. The manager of the interview can create a total of 100 “escape rooms”. Although participants are distributed randomly between rooms, the manager can move participants to different rooms if necessary. The manager will also have the opportunity to switch between rooms to monitor discussions.

The new Google Meet feature will be available to all Enterprise Training package users soon. The internet giant has been strengthening Meet with new features in parallel with the increase in virtual classrooms and meetings over the past few months. The company, which made the video call service free this year, paved the way for easier access by placing the service in Gmail’s iOS and Android applications.

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