Escape Academy: The solution for the entrance exam

How to find out the name of the director How to open a secret cabinet How to find out the name and patronymic of the director
The next lesson in Escape Academy will be an entrance exam designed to test players and test their ability to solve real problems. This time, the exit from the puzzle room is limited in time, but the Escape Academy tasks are not impossible.
The entrance exam takes place in the director’s office, designed to test the memory and deductive skills of the player. By collecting items and connecting dots, the exit will appear soon.
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After solving the entrance puzzle set by the principal, the entrance exam requires a few more steps to find a way out. She says the memory-erasing gas will start filling the room, resulting in a 15-minute time limit. To open the metal door, you need to find out the full name of the director using various hints, and each name is hidden in different ways.
How to find out the last name of the director
Every aspect of this room escape test can be solved at any time, but the fastest way to start is to search for a last name. At the starting point, inspect the bag and coat hanging next to the big red door to get the key.
This key can be used to open the director’s desk drawer, which is padlocked. Inside there is a screwdriver with which you can unscrew all the ventilation bolts to open access to the underground.
Once inside, players can crawl to the other end to find the maintenance phone number of the gardener Jeb, and also see how the director watches the player’s progress. Go back to the office and enter this number into the phone on the desk to get a call from Jeb, who will call the name of the director of “SOLANGE”.
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How to open a secret cabinet
As it should be in intricate puzzle rooms, a secret room with books with a list of countries of the world is hidden behind the bookcase. To open it, you need to open a conspicuous suitcase on the table.
On the top of the suitcase there are symbols of a clock, a pot with a plant and trophies. The number of each corresponding item in the room corresponds to the combination of the lock. In the room you can find several receipts that will help you calculate if necessary, but the full numbered list looks like this: 2 hours, 5 plants, 3 hours.
After entering 253 into the combination code, there are three photos inside the suitcase that you can take. Each shows a director in a different country in a different year. Placing them in chronological order will show the 3 books that need to be put on the bookshelf, and in what order.
Inspect the bookshelf and click on the books of Egypt, Japan and Greece. This will open the secret room and allow you to find the next name.
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Finding out the name and patronymic of the director
Before entering the secret office, players must take a floppy disk, if they have not already done so, to activate the computer. As soon as the disc is inserted, the word DEAD appears on the screen, seemingly an ominous hint of the next step.
Heading towards the piano keyboard, some keys were marked with the corresponding musical note. The previous hint is used here: press the keys D E A D in the specified order to trigger the unlocking of the item.
An ultraviolet light bulb will appear, which can be picked up and placed in the nearest niche with one of the director’s diplomas. This UV light illuminates the invisible name that makes up the second part of the code.
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The name requires a little logical justification based on an additional group photo, which captures some of the actors of Escape Academy. Logic suggests that not everyone can be a school principal because of their clearly masculine appearance, but the last clue should give direction to a secret office.
On the wall of the secret office above the fireplace hangs a large decoration in the form of a fox, which, of course, belongs to the headmaster of the school. The group photo shows only one person in a fox mask: Sandy.
By putting all three names together, we get the full name of the director, which is the clue needed to open the door. Go to the wall machine and navigate through the options until the names match the previously found hints.
Pressing the unlock button will complete the room, and the director will congratulate you on your success. As always, there are even more puzzles waiting for you, as well as more teachers, so Escape Academy has more escape rooms to get stuck in.
Escape Academy is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.