Escape Academy: The passage of What lies behind us


Proceed to the final exam How to solve a puzzle with a colored floor Solving a puzzle with a tubular light Access to a hidden vent Solving a room with Morse code columns Sorting puzzles with chemical crystals How to destroy the central computer Quanty Access to the internal system Quanty How to defeat computer codes Quanty

The final sequence of puzzles is delivered to the player after a short pause with the main character of Escape Academy. It is considered the most difficult quest room, but the real villain of Escape Academy is 45 minutes away from success if the player does not have time to solve the puzzles in time.

The next series of puzzles revisits the most difficult moments of the previous levels with an unexpected twist that serves as the final exam for the Escape Academy. The increased complexity and lack of time can be quite intimidating even for experienced players, but this guide will describe every step and all the solutions.

Start the final exam

Exiting the elevator, players will see the headmistress locked in a containment field, surrounded by blocks of future students. Quanty has taken over and offers a time limit that can be seen by climbing the stairs to the back of the room.

To get useful directions, start by moving to the statues on the right side of the room; the statue of the headmistress has glasses. As soon as the glasses are raised, special messages written by the headmistress in pink will become visible.

Start by inspecting the lockers; the first one is locked with a padlock, but the other three can be opened. Inside, you can see the order of characters that opens the headmistress’ locker: start from zero, then move 10 to the right, 25 to the left, and finally 15 to the right.

Upon successful opening, the locker will detect the test sheet and pin used to escape from the room. Go to the exit of the room where there is a car next to the door and the scoreboard.

Placing the test sheet in the machine will allow the player to mark the first layer as an examination sheet with multiple answer options. Prudent players will understand that the displayed message (“Only ACE can enter”) means that the letters A, C and E must be entered to open the door.

How to solve a puzzle with a colored floor

The next room is lit up like the Disco Fever level from Quanty, but you need to use a different method to solve it. Using the colored squares shown on the screen will show the order to be followed.

The first clue requires the player to start with the blue center square before moving forward to the green one and then leaving two squares. This path will lead to a torch, which when activated will also change the hint for the next torch path.

When all the torches are activated, inspect the symbols under each lit torch. Use the letters and symbols of the painted circles under each torch to determine the order of the test sheet.

Before entering the test sheet and opening the door, you can inspect the racks nearby. On one shelf is a discharged 12-volt battery, which will not be used much later, but will save the player from having to go back.

The solution of this room is B C and D. Enter these letters as soon as the test sheet is in the car to unlock the next puzzle room.

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Solving the Pipe Board Light Puzzle

The next room has a panel with deadly tension, just like in the previous puzzle. The difference here is that not all the bulbs can be lit in one pass, so players must use them all and remember the order of the correct bulbs.

There are several ways to determine the correct paths, but as soon as certain light bulbs light up, they will turn green or white. Lamps that light up in green indicate the letter to be used on the rest sheet.

The correct light bulbs are A D and E; By placing the test sheet in the machine and selecting these parameters, you will open the door to the next room.

Access to a hidden vent

Before entering the next room, illuminated in orange, you can see a noticeable vent. You can unscrew the bolts using the Headmaster’s Pin item, which was removed from the starter locker.

Inside is a Quantile mainframe in its entirety with three cameras that can be used to deactivate it. However, the components for this have not yet been assembled, so it is recommended to enter this area after completing the final puzzle.

Solving the room of Morse Code pillars

In the fourth room there are pillars of different heights with flashing Morse code patterns on them. The main puzzle is to look at the flashing light pattern and match it with the letter it corresponds to.

Even after each pillar is identified, players need to match the position of each pillar to the corresponding letter on the ground. The solution template goes in the following order of height (from shortest to highest): C – B – A – E – D.


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