Error Making Windows 10’s Start Menu Transparent


In Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Insider release, an error has surfaced that has satisfied some users. Unknown issue how many users are affected or why it is happening, making the Start Menu and Taskbar transparent. Actually, this transparent design doesn’t look bad at all.

US-based technology giant Microsoft frequently focuses on discussions over the latest operating system Windows 10. The reason for this is the errors that come with the updates. There is also an error in the latest update released by the company for Windows Insider users. However, some users liked this error.

A Reddit member, a Windows Insider user, exposed the bug in the latest update offered by Windows 10. This error in the Start Menu makes both this menu and the taskbar transparent. The cause of the error and how many users it affected are currently unknown.

This is what Windows 10’s strange error looks like
Microsoft made some improvements to the Start Menu with the Windows 10 October update. However, the Reddit user says the best feature that can be brought to the menu has been forgotten. In fact, the transparent Start Menu and Taskbar do not look bad at all.

The technology giant did not make any statement about the error in question. However, some independent software developers working on Windows 10 claim that this problem has some errors in the graphics drivers after the update, which makes the Start Menu and Taskbar transparent.

Meanwhile, a transparent menu and Taskbar can cause major drawbacks in some cases. For example, a user might be using a very complex wallpaper or a desktop full of files. In this case, a transparent Start Menu and Taskbar will make things seriously difficult.

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