Error in Anne’s wardrobe that exposes the production


Anne With An E by Netflix is ​​an adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, a renowned and well-known children’s book by Canadian author LM Montgomery, published in 1908. The original book follows the adventures of Anne Shirley (Amybeth McNulty), a precocious young orphan who lives on Prince Edward Island.

Anne moved between foster families and orphanages, before ending up in the care of an older brother and sister, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who intended to adopt a child to help with their farm work.

Any adaptation is usually always in the eye of the most attentive fans. Anne With An E is no exception. Being a period adaptation, costumes are very important. In several scenes, Anne is seen wearing beautiful dresses and a peculiar apron on top for housework.

It turns out that in several scenes depicting Anne from behind they clearly show that her apron and dress are one piece, and the buttons on her dress continue on the apron.

In this time period, the apron was a separate piece that was worn over the dress to keep it clean. It was never attached to the dress, so it could be easily changed when it got dirty.

The detail almost goes unnoticed among millions of fans now struggling to get Anne With An E to get the much-desired fourth season, as Netflix abruptly canceled the series without a proper ending in Anne’s story.

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