Error code 39 in Valorant: understand how to solve


The error code 39 on Valorant appears to players in some cases. Riot Games’ tactical 5v5 fps received its second act in early August. The update brought new skins, the Killjoy character, a new battle pass and the Free-for-All Deathmatch mode.

However, due to the size of the update, the servers were inactive for a period and users who tried to start games or log in to the client received an error code 39 message. See, in the following tutorial, what it means and how to resolve the code error 39 on the Valorant.

What is error 39?

This error code is related to connection problems with the game servers. In this case, some players are unable to start the game and others are prevented from even logging in. Usually, this failure occurs when there are updates to be made in the game, as happened recently with the arrival of Act II. In such cases, there is not much to be done, that is, players must wait for the servers’ downtime to end.

How to solve?

As stated earlier, there is no solution for the case, since there are problems with the game servers. In that case, it is necessary to wait for downtime, which varies according to your location. However, the player can analyze the status of Riot’s servers at their location by accessing the developer’s website. Learn how to perform the operation:

Step 1. Log in to your Riot account (;

Step 2. Once logged in, go to the game’s support page. Just click on “Support” in the top menu and then select “Support” again. See the image below:

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Step 3. When performing the steps from the previous step, you will be redirected to this page. Once this is done, access the “Server status” option, located in the top menu, to proceed;

Step 4. Messages from Riot games in general will be displayed on your screen. However, it is also possible to select which game you would like to analyze the status of the servers. Just choose one of them to go to another page;

Step 5. When selecting a game, in this case Valorant, you will be redirected to a page like the example in the image below. Choose your preferred language and the region where your server is located. Finally, you can analyze the “Current messages” or “Recently closed”, as in the following model;

Step 6. In addition to the possibility of looking at current server problems in your region, the Valorant support page also allows you to learn about the most common game errors. Just access ( and look for the fault in the list;


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