Error causing Windows 10 to forget saved passwords


Microsoft confirmed that a Windows 10 update brought a bug to the operating system password management. The flaw poses no security risks to the user, but it does cause the OS to forget passwords saved in applications.

According to Windows Latest, the problem has been occurring for months and affects some builds of Windows 10, including PCs with version 19041.173 or higher. The failure prevents the system from saving passwords in applications, which forces the user to enter the keys every time he starts the computer.

According to some reports, in addition to affecting software such as OneDrive and Outlook, the problem also caused browser cookies to fail. Thus, even browsers like Chrome and Edge could be affected by the bug.

How to fix the problem

For those who are suffering from the bug, Microsoft has revealed a temporary measure to resolve the problem. If Windows 10 on your computer is forgetting passwords, open Windows PowerShell as an administrator and enter the following command:

Get-ScheduledTask | foreach {If (([xml] (Export-ScheduledTask -TaskName $ _. TaskName -TaskPath $ _. TaskPath)). GetElementsByTagName (“LogonType”). ‘# text’ -eq “S4U”) {$ _. TaskName} }

If any tasks are listed after the command is entered, it is necessary to open the Task Scheduler application to disable it. To do this, launch the program, search for the command with the same name that appeared in PowerShell and disable using the menu that appears when you right-click.

According to Microsoft, the last step may be necessary for users of HP computers. The PCs and notebooks of the brand have a utility program that would have generated incompatibilities with the system.

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More details can be seen on the official Microsoft help website. So far, the company has not announced a definitive solution to the problem.


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