Eros Ramazzotti and his ex Michelle get along so well


Eros Ramazzotti (58) and Michelle Hunziker (45) are still close after breaking up! In 1998, the musician and the presenter agreed, but four years later they broke up again. Daughter Aurora (25) emerged from their life together. Thanks to her, they will soon become grandparents. They have already shown how well their patchwork family works in the singer’s video, which starred his ex and her offspring. Eros was now openly talking about his good relationship with Michelle.

In an interview with Bunte, the 58-year—old man was delighted with his ex-wife: “I have always had a very good relationship with Michelle, and I still have them, I think we are a great example of how two people get along well with each other even after a breakup.” Eros also frankly admitted that it’s not always a walk in the park: “Even if it’s not always easy, it’s a lot of work. I think it’s a great message of love, isn’t it?”

There are always rumors about the return of love. But even their daughter Aurora must wish that Michelle and Eros remain separated. “I hope they don’t get together again!” the 25—year-old Belve stressed in March. You can’t even remember these two as a couple.


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