Erika Buenfil could be Taylor Swift’s mother How?


Erika Buenfil surprised all Internet users by revealing a truth that involves singer Taylor Swift.

Erika Buenfil is one of the actresses who has seen in the world of social networks the opportunity to reinvent herself and create content for all her followers, and is that the actress of “True Love” has been named “The Queen of Tik Tok”.

In one of her recent publications, she revealed something that left everyone with their mouths open, especially because it involved the famous American singer Taylor Swift, some even say it could be her mother.

And it is that through the Face App application he found a way to put his face on the body of the interpreter of “All to well”, however, unlike a “funny” or “absurd” result, the result was Unimaginable, as it turned out not to have much change, and in fact look identical to the American singer.

That is why many began to be surprised at the similarity, and asked Buenfil if by chance she is not the mother of the interpreter, or is there a secret that she should confess to us.

Look at the similarity between the two famous

They undoubtedly look like two drops of water, although the passage of time is noticeable in the television actress, who has a young soul, and she showed it by comparing herself with the award-winning and Grammy winner.

By the way, Erika Buenfil, after having found her niche in social networks and YouTube, was called again by Televisa, who had taken away her exclusivity contract, even left her without a job, but after the unexpected boom she had in the networks , the lady returned triumphantly to the San Ángel television station, keeping her mouth shut and being the proof that leaving the comfort zone can be beneficial.

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