Ericsson Manages to Break Speed Record in 5G Test


Swedish telecom giant Ericsson has reached a record speed of 5G with 4.3 Gbps in its last attempt. The technology used by the company will eliminate the need for broadband on mobile devices with the spread of 5G.

Ericsson passed Huawei’s previous 5G speed record of 2.92 Gbps in a test using commercial solutions. The telecom giant has managed to achieve the fastest 5G data transmission speed ever with 4.3 Gbps. To achieve this speed, the company used a technical specification consisting of an 8-component carrier (8CC) that stacked the 800 MHz millimeter wave spectrum.

The Ericsson Radio System provided data transmission over the air at 4.3 Gbps connection speed using a 5G tester powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF system. However, since the company’s commercial solution, which includes network and terminal support, will be offered to 5G consumers this year, the test will have major effects on the communication world.

The Swedish company’s recent breakthrough will be able to meet the need for mobile broadband for uses such as multiplayer games, AR games and high-quality video broadcasts. The high connection speeds achieved in Ericsson’s test will also expand the opportunities for telecommunications to provide fixed wireless access, which has a cellular mmWave connection and is four times faster than fiber.

Per Narvinger, head of Ericsson’s product area networks, made the following statement after the speed record:
“This is a great success. 4.3 Gbps connection speed is equivalent to downloading 1 hour ultra high resolution or 4K content from a streaming service in just 14 seconds. Ericsson is the next step to ensure service providers offer the best capacity and data rates over 5G with a millimeter wave connection. “The 8CC stacking solution we tested successfully will provide not only higher speeds, but also large-scale 5G services and new business opportunities.”


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