Erica Jane & Other Housewives Fans Think they staged a confession


While the confessors of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” help fans learn more about the stars of the show, viewers believe that some diamond owners staged the interview. Confessions are a staple of the “Real Housewives” franchise and are filmed after the main filming is completed so that each actor can comment on the events that occurred during the season. These confessions are a great way for viewers to get more information about specific scenes, and they can help show the housewife’s personality.

There are several important components of confessions that fans pay attention to when tuning into the season of “Real Housewives,” especially “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Viewers appreciate those who are funny and humorous about situations, for example, a long-time cast member Lisa Rinna. Others also like housewives who are not afraid to express their honest opinions, as well as especially eloquent ones, such as Garcelle Beauvais. While many women excel at the RHOBH interview part, not all confessions are praised by fans.

Whether the confessional statements of RHOBH women sound too strained to be natural, or make them seem radically different from what they are in real life, there are several housewives who are accused of staging their confessions. Although Erica Jane’s interviews are considered among the most artificial, Reddit fans who commented on the onionsonthelasagna branch also named some stars from other Real Housewives franchises. Examples include the cast of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” Dr. Wendy Osefo and “The Real Housewives of Dallas” star Leanne Locken. However, since most of the focus is on RHOBH women, here are three Beverly Hills stars whose confessions are considered insincere.

Erica Jane

RHOBH fans are unhappy with Erica for a variety of reasons, and many are surprised that she is still part of the Real Housewives, despite her widely publicized court battles. Although Erica is undoubtedly one of the trendiest people to appear on RHOBH, Reddit users are convinced that Erica’s confessional jokes are written by other people. Many users believe that Erica Mikey’s creative director has something to do with Erica’s backstage interview, with one person commenting: “I feel that [as Erica] is not as good at words and quick-witted in everyday filming as she is in the confessional.”

Dorit Kemsley

As in the case of Erica, RHOBH fans are not sure that Dorit is coming up with his own confessional material. Not only do Dorit’s interviews seem overly rehearsed to viewers, but Dorit’s use of loud words and complex phrases does not reflect her conversations on camera. “Diametrically” the correct answer is Dorit,” one person wrote, referring to Dorit’s one—time use of the word “diametrically” during the confession of the 11th season. Others believe that the husband Dorit P. K. Kemsley helps write her witty lines, especially the line: “I speak 4 languages, and [Garcel’s apology] doesn’t make sense in any of them.”

Kyle Richards

Given that Kyle is the only remaining cast member of OG Beverly Hills, fans would be more surprised if Kyle’s confessions were 100% authentic. Although Kyle’s early interviews on RHOBH are considered authentic, Reddit users now believe that Kyle’s material was written for her in advance. “Kyle is probably solving all this with his husband [Mauricio Umanski],” one person suggested, while another person claiming to be a freelancer for Bravo explained: “The producers feed them a lot of lines … If it sounds like a line read, most likely it is.” While some RHOBH stars, such as Garcel and Sutton Stracke, have been praised for their confessions, other longtime actors have not been so lucky.