Erica Jane Is Still “paying for” her marriage to Tom Girardi and Admits to answering his phone calls


“I’m still mourning this marriage,” the 50—year-old Bravo star told us. “I think it gets lost in the sensational version of it all. This was a man I had been married to for over 20 years, and with him for about 23 [years]. It’s difficult. There are real moments of sadness, real moments — for example, when the holidays came, you know, at Christmas, I just remembered how much fun we had. …But what are you going to do about it? Such things happen in life. They happen to everyone; everyone is mourning something.”

In November 2020, it became known that Erica filed for divorce from Tom, who is now 82 years old. A month later, the Us confirmed that the two were named in a class action lawsuit, accusing Tom’s former company of misuse of funds intended for the victims of the plane crash. As their legal troubles continued, with additional charges of embezzlement by Girardi and Keys, the former lawyer was placed in custody and transferred to an institution specializing in memory care.

“I’m in front and in the center. I am the face of this, not the lawyers who worked at the firm and directed lawyers and, you know, people who finance legal services — instead they point to me,” Erica, who claimed she knew nothing about her spouse’s alleged crime. Misdemeanors, he told Us. “It was hard for my mental health. Without a doubt. But again, I couldn’t lose, and I was just going to fight in every way possible and still.”

Bravo viewers have watched Erica trying to deal with divorce and controversy in the show’s 11th season, and season 12 is no different.

“[It’s] very hard, very hard to ask the same questions over and over [and] give the same answer, but no one is really listening,” the Dancing with the Stars graduate told us. “So yeah, I’m really upset and very explosive, it’s just, no matter how hard I try, you know, I wish it would end, but it wasn’t because we’re going to talk about what?”

The author of Pretty Mess also revealed in season 11 that Tom called her “every day” to say, “I love you” and asked if she was sure about the breakup. She told us that she “occasionally” hears from Tom.

“Of course [I answer his calls],” she explained. “He is not well, and therefore he is in a state of decline, and sometimes it is good, and sometimes [he thinks] I’m someone else. So it’s all right.”

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” returns to Bravo on Wednesday, May 11, at 20:00 ET.