Eric Olsen hints that the series ends in season 13 and his fans worry


Since its debut in 2009, NCIS Los Angeles has been giving a lot to talk about, thanks to the popularity of its show on the CBS television channel. However, the interpreter of Deeks, Eric Christian Olsen, worried his fans after hinting that the series would be about to reach its end.

NCIS Los Angeles viewers have gone berserk after Olsen’s Instagram post, with the latest post from him apparently suggesting the end of the show. The Marty Deeks star surprised fans by using the title “#thefinalseason.”

This controversial and alarming legend was accompanied by an image of Olsen playing his star character, it seems that he was ready for action. Indicating that things could get increasingly dangerous for this NCIS veteran.

In addition to this, in the image you can notice an expression of astonishment to Deeks, further hinting at an emotionally turbulent episode. With this, it is not clear if Olsen is hinting at the end of the program, the end of its protagonist or the end of the season, since nothing has been confirmed at the moment.

It should be noted that CBS hasn’t officially confirmed season 14, so this could really be the final chapter for the NCIS Los Angeles team. Through the years, the ratings of this series have gradually decreased over time, which is why there is so much fear that this is the last installment.

Fans rushed to the post’s comments to share their disbelief, some of the fans writing, “That #hashtag better be a typo, Mr. O.” “Nooooo, this can’t be the last season! #bestshowever but I can’t wait to see the new episodes. ”

Despite the time that this program has been broadcast, it could be said that it continues to be one of the favorites by the public, since it continues to surprise with innovative stories. Although this drama is full of fictional moments, it could be said that most of the plot is taken from real life.